From The Archives: ‘OXO Saves Life’

Museum of the Order of St John Judi McGinley, Museum Assistant

As you may have already gathered, we enjoy sharing vintage advertisements from our collection of old St John Ambulance magazines. You haven’t had an ‘Oxo’ one for a while now, so here is a somewhat dramatic advert from a 1928 edition of the St John Ambulance Gazette.


A cup of Oxo, administered at the critical moment, frequently prevents total collapse. Oxo stimulates vitality and promotes strength. Its wonderful sustaining qualities reinforce the physical resources to withstand the effects of shock.

It’s Beef that counts.”

Ummm… many of us would agree that beef really does count but preferably in the form of a burger, a curry or a pie maybe?

Image credit: Bob Palin via Wikimedia Commons.

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