From the Archives: Strange but true!

Museum of the Order of St John Judi McGinley, Museum Assistant

Back in 1987, two St John Ambulance members and their three friends were returning home from a first aid competition that had taken place in County Durham, when a tyre blowout caused their car to spin out of control and hit a central reservation. Although the car overturned, amazingly, none of the occupants suffered any serious injuries.

The mysterious thing about this unfortunate event was that a few hours earlier, all five crash victims had attended the Durham County St John Ambulance finals where they had been acting as casualties in a simulated car accident! As luck would have it, a team of doctors and nurses who had also attended the competition, were returning home on the same stretch of motorway and just happened to be travelling behind the Triumph Acclaim when the crash took place. The medical team were first on the scene where they were able to administer expert medical help before the ambulance arrived.

When later asked about his physical condition, David, St John Ambulance member and driver of the crashed vehicle,  said: “Our simulated injuries were a lot more serious . We couldn’t have had better medical attention at the accident.”

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