Étaples Weekly Reports

Étaples Weekly Reports – 15th November, 1916

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In this report, Sergeant Trimble details the convoys arriving at the Hospital as well as the movements and work of various members of staff, some of whom had been affected by an outbreak of influenza. A number of important military gentlemen visited the Hospital and had a favourable impression. Also included is a breakdown of Hospital costs for the month of September 1916.

This is the final Étaples Hospital report that we will be uploading to our website, but we hope that you have found these insights into a year in the life of the St John Ambulance Brigade Hospital as interesting and inspiring as we have.



Army Post Office. S. 11,

British Expeditionary Force,



My Lord,


I beg to submit the following statement covering

the dates of Nov. 8th to the 14th.


Convoys have been received as follows :-

Stretchers           Walking.

Wednesday        8th.          22. A.T.                 1. (Officer serious)

Thursday.            9th.          30.  “                      60.

Saturday.             11th.       12.  “                      40.

Monday.              13th.       2.    “ (Officers)  8.                            4.

“              “              “      “                      84.

“              “              28.  “                      78.

Tuesday.              14th.       31.  “                      79.                                         

350                         4

making a total admissions during the week of 354.  The total

discharged was 244. and there were 3. deaths.


I am glad to say that Lieut. Jackson has been dischar-

ged to duty from the Officers Ward and Major Hope and Lieut.

Henry are better although both are much shaken by the severe





nature of their illness, and in both instances a holiday

will be necessary to enable them to become convalescent.

The holiday problem at the present time is rather a diffic-

ult one as the Hospital is exceedingly busy, however I will

take means to arrange this matter.


I regret to have to inform you that Capt.

Coplestone was admitted to the Officers Ward on the 12th.

inst suffering from Quinsey. He is progressing satisfactorily.


On the 8th. inst. Sisters Slevin, Murray and

Weston returned from leave and V.A.D. Nurse Rene Tailour

reported for duty on return from Villa Tino.  On the 10th.

V.A.D. Nurse Ethel Turnbull Smith reported her arrival from

England and was taken on the strength of the Hospital from

that date. On the same day Sister Philpott reported for duty

on return from the Convalescent Home at Hardelot. Sisters

Stubington and Hayden went on leave on the 13th. inst.

Captain J. McCloy left for fourteen days leave from the 10th.


As reported to you in my letter of the 13th.

inst. I discharged Chef H. Marco. His conduct for some time

had been unsatisfactory in more ways than one and I think it

will be distinctly in the interest of the Hospital that he has

left. Leon Bertone who was the second chef will be promoted and

I propose his salary shall be at the rate of £4. per week.





The other cooks who form the senior portion of the kitchen

staff are remaining, and some Belgian boys who were employed

have been discharged and I propose to take on the services

of two permanent Base Detail men who I am at present carrying

on my strength. This will effect some economy in the direc-

tion of wages.


I have to report that Sergeant. D. Carter

of the Provisional Company R.A.M.C. attached to this Hospital

has this day been transferred to the Sanitary Section R.A.M.C.

and he has proceeded to Rouen to report to the D.D.M.S. there.


On the 13th. inst. I had as visitors to the

Hospital the French Under Secretary of State for War, Mons.

G. Godart, The Vice President du Consul General, Mons. C. N.

Gayot, G. Menier, Senateur, Mons. Sieguier Mayor of Etaples,

and many other French gentlemen together with Surgeon General

Woodhouse, D.M.S.L. of C. and Colonel Carr D.D.M.S. Etaples.

The French Minister of War should also have come but through

some error he was unable to be present. I showed them the

Hospital and they were certainly very gratified with all they saw.


I further regret to have to inform you that

eight of my Orderlies are in Hospital suffering from what is

thought to be a continuance of the epidemic of Influenza that

has swept over the Hospital.





Even with the curtailment of the staff the Hospital

is working in quite a satisfactory manner.


I have the honour to be,

Your Lordships,

Obedient servant,

Charles J. Trimble


The Director of Ambulance,

St. John’s Gate,

Clerkenwell. E. C.






Shewing Allowance for Extra Messing as per instruct-

Tions from Finance & General Purposes Committee June 12th,

1915 of 1/- per head per day.




Month of September 1916.


334         Patients (average number)

150         N.C.O’s. & Men.                                              £

75           Sisters & Nurses

559         at 1/- per head for 30 days.         –              838


Amount actually spent as per

Hospital Books.                 –              320



Laundry for Sept.             283

Repairs & Expenses        12

Coal, Coke, Methy. Sp.

Paraffin, from A.S.C.       200                         495


Laundry allowance to each Sister

At per week       2/6                         37


In reduction of bill for Drugs

& Splints, of £190      %A

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