Should you wish to pursue independent research, the Museum’s website contains comprehensive information on its holdings, and on how the Museum may best support your enquiry.

Please note that access to the collection is limited, and it is essential that researchers provide the Museum with detailed information on their focussed area of interest, in order that the relevant resources may be identified and where possible be made available. To enquire about research please contact the Museum by emailing:


Current Projects

Statue of Florence Nightingale Walker, Arthur George; Florence Nightingale (1820-1910); Museum of the Order of St John;

Sculpture available on ArtUK 

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Alt text="" LDOSJ1030 Watercolour depicting the Porta Reale, the main gate to Valletta.

The Watercolour World

The Watercolour World project has digitised 220 works on paper for the Museum. Read more

Cataloguing the Historic Library

A special project to catalogue the Museum's Historic Library of books and manuscripts Read more


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