Visitor comments and responses

Museum of the Order of St John Judi McGinley, Museum Assistant

Visitor comment: It’s too dark! You need more light. There seems to be no consideration for your visually impaired visitors. How are we expected to read all the information (small print) in darkness and listen to the loud distracting videos at the same time? Why don’t you put them all on mute?


Our response: We are sorry that you feel this way.

Excessive and prolonged levels of light exposure can cause museum objects to fade, yellow or darken, and in some cases objects can begin to deteriorate over time. Light damage is irreversible so it is imperative that low levels of light are maintained in our galleries in order to protect our unique and wonderful collection.

You will find large print guide books located at the entrance of both our Order and St John Ambulance galleries,  specifically designed for visitors with visual impairments.

I am afraid that switching off the sound to our audio visual units will preclude our blind and partially sighted visitors from a large part of our permanent exhibition. As a museum that is open to the general public, it is important that we take everybody’s requirements into consideration.

An image of a suggestion box. Author: Hash Milhan. Wikimedia Commons 

 Image credit : Hash Milhan. Obtained via Wikimedia Commons.

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