Medals and Insignia

Commemorative Medal

Edward Caruana Dingli (1876-1950), designer Messrs. Charles Wright, Ltd., medalists
Struck in bronze, silver and silver gilt, 1927
LDOSJ 1567, 1569 and 1570 (pictured)

In 1926, 53 members of the Order of St John embarked on a pilgrimage to visit each of the historic homes of the Knights Hospitaller, the ancient Christian foundation from which the Order derived.  This journey was taken to mark the granting of a new Royal Charter to the Order of St John, a Royal Order of Chivalry, by HM King George V.

The final stop on the journey was Malta.  On arrival, the delegation was met by a launch of representatives of the Governor. As part of this momentous occasion, an Investiture was held in the Grand Master’s Palace, in which 15 people were admitted to the Order of St John.

The designer of this medal, Edward Caruana Dingli, was made an Honorary Knight of Grace at the ceremony. He would receive a string of commissions from the Order of St John to commemorate the important occasion of the Pilgrimage, one of which would go on to cement his reputation abroad. Dingli also painted this painting of the event which hangs in our Church. More can be read about the painting here.

Following the Pilgrimage, a limited edition commemorative medal was commissioned. A special silver-gilt version of the medal was presented to HM King George V, HM Queen Mary, the King of Italy, and HRH The Prince of Wales.  A silver-gilt medal was also given to HRH The Duke of Connaught, whose portrait bust features on the obverse, in recognition of his role as Grand Prior of the Order of St John.  Bronze and silver medals were distributed to those who had given hospitality to the group on the Pilgrimage, and they were also available for purchase.  Approximately 55 silver meals were struck, and 100 in bronze.


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