A set of nine badges in different bright colours, each showing a different subject with an illustration of a cartoon badger embodying that activity.
St John Youth

Badger Badges

LDOSJ 2020.4

Badgers and Cadets are the two youth branches of St John Ambulance. Badger Setts meet weekly and work towards achieving badges in various subjects. These of course include first aid, but also lots of other subjects. Once you’ve achieved nine badges, you become a Super Badger and receive a porcelain badger

These Badger Badges, issued in England between 1991 and 1996 , show the different subjects which Badgers could work on at that time. These subjects cover topics, like the History of St John, but also attributes, like being caring or resourceful. Today, these subjects include ‘Global Badger’, ‘Eco Badger’ and ‘Scientific Badger’. These badges reflect how the Badger Setts not only instruct young people in first aid, but also act as a club and a place which encourages well-rounded attributes and a sense of community.



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