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  • “A very enjoyable tour. The guides were marvellous. I look forward to another visit.”
  • "Lovely visit, my 5 year old son enjoyed the children's activity trail which we did together - very engaging, thank you!"
  • "Thank you to the kind man at reception who helped with Dad’s wheelchair! Great museum!"
  • "St John Ambulance saved my life on 1st March 2015 so I came here to learn more. Keep up the good work!"

News and events

Public tour amendment

During Clerkenwell Design Week, on Tuesday 23rd-Thursday 25th May, the Priory Church and Crypt will not be included on our guided tours, as they are being used as exhibition spaces. Clerkenwell Design Week is free and open to the public, and we encourage you to visit the Priory Church and Crypt yourselves during this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Free Family Activity

Wednesday 31st May

Print Making

Free, drop-in activity for families

St John’s Lane has been an important centre for printing for over 400 years and, from 1682 until the late 1700s, there was even a printing press in St John’s Gate. The most well-known publication to be printed in the Gate was the ‘Gentleman’s Magazine’ which, was the first ‘magazine’ in the world.

Examine some of the printing blocks in our collection before getting creative making your own stamps and print-inspired art work.

To find out more about our family activity programme please click here



10 Minute Talk, Free

Wednesday 14th June

The Girl in the Seine and the History of CPR

Discover more about the Order of St John, St John Ambulance and the history of Clerkenwell at our series of free lunchtime talks.

Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, better known as CPR, is a widely acknowledged first aid technique and is taught throughout the world as a form of emergency respiration. But how was CPR first invented, and what does it have to do with a mysterious woman who drowned in Paris over 100 years ago?

Join us for our latest 10 minute talk and see some of the objects not normally on display in the museum!

Special Event

Thursday 7th September - Sunday 10th September

The Military Orders: Piety, Pugnacity, Property

From 7th to 10th September 2017, the Museum of the Order of St John will be hosting the seventh international conference of the London Centre for the Study of the Crusades. The Centre was established in 1989 to promote research, discussion, and the dissemination of knowledge in this academic field.

Applications to attend the conference should be made via the conference website.   If you wish to submit a proposal for a paper, the website gives further information on the application process.  The conference standard fee is £100 or, for students, £55. 

  • View of the interior of the Priory Church of the Order of St John The Priory Church of the Order of St John. Photography by Shaun Le Gassick
  • View of the interior of the Crypt of the Priory Church of the Order of St John The Crypt. Photography by Shaun Le Gassick
  • View of the Link Gallery of the Museum of the Order of St John The Link Gallery. © MOSJ
  • ALT= The Cloister Garden. © MOSJ
  • ALT= The Chapter Hall. © MOSJ


Wednesday Talks

The Rise and Fall of the Gentleman's Magazine.

Museum of the Order of St John Judi McGinley, Museum Assistant

The Gentleman’s Magazine was a highly successful publication which was founded in 1731 by Warwickshire businessman Edward Cave. It was Cave who coined the term ‘Magazine’ to describe a periodical, and for many years his monthly publication... Read more

ALT="view of Caravaggio Fashion and Fabrics exhibition with painting in centre, text panel below and altar and mannequins showing historic fabrics on left" Exhibition display

Revolutionary Concepts at Caravaggio: Fashion & Fabrics

Museum of the Order of St John Yannis Kostaris, freelance writer

This exhibition, which closed in January, was devoted to a study of the fabrics used by Caravaggio in his picture The Cardsharps, identified by the late Sir Denis Mahon in 2006 and now hanging in the Museum. Read more

ALT="" Portrait of Countess Mountbatten of Burma by Arthur Pan, 1955 (LDOSJ:1864) Image © Museum of the Order of St John, Portrait © Estate of Edwina Mountbatten.
Wednesday Talks

Edwina Mountbatten; Before Viceroy’s House

Museum of the Order of St John Hannah Agass, Learning and Access Officer

The media has long been fascinated by Edwina Mountbatten, eldest daughter of politician Wilfrid William Ashley, Baron Mount Temple of Lee and goddaughter to King Edward VII. One of the wealthiest and arguably most interesting of London’s 1920s... Read more

Poster calling for women to help drive ambulances, design is stylised drawing of a woman in blue uniform and hat putting on gloves as she stands by an ambulance" © Imperial War Museum

Behind the Wheel and on the Front Line: Women Ambulance Drivers in WWII

Museum of the Order of St John Nancy Mavroudi, Museum Assistant

By early 1939 it had become clear that Europe was on the doorstep of yet another war, and that action had to be taken in order to prepare for what was about to come. Read more

History, Collection Highlights

The Order of St John and King Henry VIII

Museum of the Order of St John

In 1540, as part of King Henry VIII's split from the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, it was decreed that the Order of St John was dissolved in England and its properties were to be seized by the Crown. The Order's lands in Clerkenwell, London... Read more


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