The Order of St John is a major international charity, accredited to the United Nations, whose organisations provide first aid, health care and support services in over 40 countries around the world. The Order’s charitable work is carried out by the St John Eye Hospital Group in Jerusalem and St John Ambulance organisations worldwide, with volunteers and staff of over 250,000.

The Order of St John traces its origins back more than 900 years, to the Knights Hospitaller from whom St John today derives its inspiration and maxims:

Pro Fide Pro Utilitate Hominum,
‘For the Faith and in the Service of Humanity.’

The Order of St John itself is an Order of Chivalry of the British Crown with 25,000 members around the world. The full name of the Order of St John is The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

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Photograph showing a St John Ambulance crew in Uganda
A St John Ambulance crew in Uganda

The St John Eye Hospital

The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is a foundation of The Order of St John, the oldest charity in the world. The Hospital Group is the main provider of eye care in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. The hospital not only treats patients, but also trains local doctors and nurses. The hospital treats patients regardless of race, religion or ability to pay.

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St John Ambulance


St John Ambulance is the nation’s leading first aid charity.

Every year, more than 400,000 people learn how to save a life through St John Ambulance training programmes, including hundreds of thousands of young people.

St John Ambulance volunteers provide first aid in their communities, keeping people safe at events, and working alongside the NHS in response to 999 calls. St John Ambulance also campaigns to raise awareness of first aid and to educate the public directly.

First aid is such a simple skill, which has an incredible impact. St John Ambulance wants everyone to learn it, so that they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

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The Museum of the Order of St John would like to thank all those who have supported and continue to support its work. In particular, the Museum would like to thank the following for their generosity: