The Museum offers two tours covering different aspects of our fascinating history, and accessing different parts of our impressive historic buildings.  The tours must be pre-booked via the Museum’s Eventbrite page.  Availability will be updated regularly, with tours scheduled until the end of the following month.

The London Priory of the medieval Order of St John 

Step back in time through St John’s Gate to medieval London and delve into the little-known story of the Priory of the Order of St John. Set just beyond the walls of the City of London, the Priory was a vast and prosperous estate established as the English headquarters of the religious military order. This tour will take you into the church and underground into the remarkable twelfth- century crypt as you hear about the history of the Order of St John from its origins in holy Jerusalem to dissolution at the hands of King Henry VIII.   

Tours will last 45 minutes and you will be able to visit the Museum galleries at St John’s Gate following your tour.

A large part of this tour will take place outside so please dress appropriately for the weather.

St John Ambulance: Saving lives for 150 years  

Discover the heroes and innovators who brought first aid to the public and changed the way we think about first response medical care. From world wars to royal jubilees, find out how St John Ambulance became an international movement through the personal stories of its dedicated women and men. The tour will lead you through the galleries and historic rooms of St John’s Gate, the unique setting for the administrative heart of St John Ambulance and the place where this fascinating story began.    

Tours will last 45 minutes and you will be able to visit the Museum galleries at St John’s Gate following your tour.


Private tours 

We can organise private tours for larger groups, including outside of gallery opening hours. Please contact the Museum to make an enquiry on 020 7324 4005 or at 


Virtual tour 

You can watch a virtual tour of the historic buildings before you visit. 

Museum of the Order of St John from newangle on Vimeo. 

A silent visual tour of this fascinating Museum dedicated to the 1000 years of the Order of St John.  


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