Behind the scenes.

Museum of the Order of St John Judi, Museum Assistant

A museum collection can include a wide variety of artefacts which can be constructed from a vast range of materials such as glass, metals, wood, paper, plastics, leather, textiles, hair, feathers and bone. All of these materials whether organic or inorganic, natural or synthetic are all susceptible to some form of damage and deterioration over time, which is why it is imperative that all museums adhere to a strict collection care policy.

As a museum assistant, collection care is a large part of my role and starting from next month I will be inviting you to join me behind the scenes to discover how we care for our unique and precious collection. Each month I will provide an insight into the conservation and preservation techniques and processes that we use to keep our collection in tip top condition.

Next month I will show you how I deep cleaned an extremely dusty 19th century crinoline wing chair.

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