Étaples Weekly Reports

Étaples Weekly Reports – 20th September, 1916

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This particular report from Etaples details how the Hospital experienced a quieter week than average, with Colonel Trimble commenting that he has “confidence to believe that we could deal with a more intense strain without any inconvenience”. As well as diligently recording an accurate number of stretcher and walking cases received, the Colonel also moves onto the topics of the number of visits to the Hospital plus the staff and their movements. It is at this point where one discovers that a quite a few of the staff have been taken ill, such as Sister Swann who may not be able to return to the Hospital. In addition, it is noted the beloved Captain Cryable may be leaving the Hospital.




My Lord,

I beg to forward you my weekly report which

embraces the 13th to the 19th inst.

The first portion of the week was particularly

quiet but we were all along anticipating that the promised

push on this front would make our hospital busy, and so it

turned out.


The following convoys were received:-


                Stretchers Walkers
Friday. No. 1. A.T. @ 12 a.m.   64.  
Saty. 27. 6.50.   64. 59.
. (Officers) 7.  
14. 6.0. p.m.   42. 57.
. (Officers) 1. 4.
Sunday 22. 1.30 .a.m.   48.  
28. 3.0.   143.  
Monday 28. 10. .p.m.   69. 18.
Tuesday 14. 3 .p.m.   60. 42.


Making a total admitted of 678 cases.

There were discharged during the week 396


I think it is quite apparent that the hospital

is playing the role a base avacuating hospital.




-2-                              20.9.16


I am glad to be in a position to report that

during this pressure everything has worked quite smoothly,

in fact I have the confidence to believe that we could deal

with a more intense strain without any inconvenience.

In a great many instances the stretcher cases were very ser-

ious which made the work in the wards of a very heavy nature.

On Friday the Secretary of the Victoria Chest

Hospital and the Secretary of the Central Ear, Throat and Nose

Hospital, in Queen Square, visited the Hospital,   I was just

leaving for England on a three days leave when these gentleman

arrived, however Major Houston and Captain Gordon showed them

all round and they expressed very favourable opinions as to

the organisation, equipment and working at our Hospital,



Sister Gould/ from Villa Tino and is proceeding

on sick leave to England tomorrow.

V.A.D. Nurse Rene Tailour and Sister Swann are still

at the sick Sisters hospital and I trust will soon be able to

leave that institution. Sister Swann will not I think be

able to continue her service with the Hospital, and I rather

doubt whether Nurse Rene Tailour will be able to continue

with us.

Sisters King, Ballance and Rycroft and Nurses

Ingledev, Batey and Patchett proceeded on leave to England

on Monday.



-3-                                        20.9.16.


I very much regret that I fear the Hospital will

be losing the services of Captain Cryable, who is one of our

Surgeons and out Raidographer, when his contract expires in

October.  His loss will be of considerable importance to the

Hospital,   and personally I regret it very much.  It appears

to me that in some instances when men have been away from

England for twelve months they have to consider the possibility

of being able to remain any longer away from their work at


There is nothing else of interest that needs

reporting to you.


Yours etc.



The Director

The Ambulance Department,

St. John`s Gate.

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