Set of four medals on ribbon mounted together, the obverse side. One copper star shaped medal, two silver round shaped medals and one bronze smaller round shaped medal with red cross enamel detail.
Medals and Insignia, World War Two

Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 and Bronze Greek Red Cross Medal, awarded to Susie George

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There are four medals in the collection that were awarded to Susie George. These include the Italy Star, the Defence Medal, the War Medal 1939-45 and the Bronze Greek Red Cross Medal. Susie carried out a considerable amount of voluntary work with St John Ambulance Brigade during Second World War, both with the Civilian Nursing Reserve at home and civilian relief overseas in the Middle East (Egypt and Greece) as well as further service post-war in Germany in Displaced Person’s Camps. She was also the officer in charge of the first Air Unit team later in 1947.


Italy Star

This medal was awarded for service in the Italian campaign 1943-45 but was also given to others in certain circumstances, for example if you were in Greece, Yugoslavia, Corsica, Sicily or several other specific locations during certain dates you were also awarded this medal. For Greece the time frame for the medal was Jun 1943 to May 1945 and as Susie was in Greece for the majority of 1945 she therefore qualified for the medal, even though she was not directly involved in the Italian campaign. The colours of the ribbon represent the flag of Italy.


Defence and War Medal 1939-45

The Defence Medal was awarded to all those who involved in non-operation/civilian service. In this case the orange and green colours in the ribbon represents the enemy attacks on Britain’s ‘green and pleasant land’ whilst the thin black stripes represent the black outs.

The War Medal 1939-45 was awarded for all full-time personnel who served any time during 1939-45. The colours of the ribbon represent the Union Jack.


Greek Red Cross Medal

Susie was awarded the Bronze Medal of the Greek Red Cross for her service with the mobile clinic during her mission in Greece. Other members of the team also got the Bronze Medal including Miss Holmes a Court, Mr. M. Belton, Miss V. Leather, Mr. G.C. Smith and Mr. F. Spark and the leader of the team, Miss Watson, was awarded the Silver Medal. Susie was recommended for the medal by Captain Arnould who was the Assistant Commissioner for Greece. The medals were presented by the King of Greece, George II. The colours of the ribbon represent the flag of Greece.


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