Key Stage 2 and 3, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths 

Become a museum detective observing, experimenting and problem solving, as you discover the science behind keeping our objects safe. 

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Understand how museum curators and conservators protect their collections from damage. 
  • Know how light, chemical reactions, and insects can affect the preservation of museum objects for future generations.
  • Understand the basic scientific processes behind material damage and deterioration. 
  • Understand how science can be used in situations outside of the usual laboratory and classroom environments.
  • Be able to apply knowledge collected through observation and experimentation to solve a problem.


How to book

The Museum is free to visit however, workshops are charged at £2.50 per child plus VAT. 

If your school is based within Islington, workshops can be arranged free of charge through 11 by 11. The Museum’s participation in this scheme is supported by a grant from The Goldsmiths’ Company Charity.

For Greater London schools for whom the cost of a workshop may be prohibitive (e.g. schools with a high number of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium), please contact us as it may be possible to waive the charge.

Please note that booking is essential even for self-guided visits.

Workshops last 1.5 hours and can be arranged Tuesday – Friday. For more information or to book, please contact us