Off the Shelves at St John’s Gate

In May 2024 a new podcast series was launched, featuring new research into the history of the Order of St John in the later medieval and early modern periods – when the Order was headquartered on Rhodes and Malta, and our priory here in London was built. Each episode begins as we take an item off the shelves from our historic library collection in the West Tower of St John’s Gate, and explore different aspects of our history that it leads us to investigate.


You can find out more about the series and how to listen to the episodes on the webpage for the podcast series.


Our host is Dr Stephen Mossman of the University of Manchester, whose ongoing research into the history of the Order has drawn on the manuscripts and early printed books in our library. We’ll travel across Europe, from London to the Holy Land by way of Rhodes and even Strasbourg, meeting the literary witnesses to the lives of the men and women who joined, supported, or were helped by the Order in past times. There will also be shorter installments online to introduce some of the other great treasures on our library shelves.

This project builds upon the cataloguing of the historic library that a generous donation to the Museum recently made possible, as we look to unlock the stories that our library contains and make them accessible in new ways. The podcast series has been funded by the British Academy as part of Stephen’s research into the history of our Order in the German-speaking lands, a subject on which his own book should be published and join the shelves of our library in not too many years.




The Museum of the Order of St John would like to thank all those who have supported and continue to support its work. In particular, the Museum would like to thank the following for their generosity: