Key Stage 3 History and English 

Consider the significance of key events, by examining up close crusader artefacts as well as exploring the
Norman crypt of the Priory Church of St John, location of Henry II’s council with the Patriarch of Jerusalem
in 1185.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Know what the Crusades were and why they were fought 
  • Understand some of the reasons why people went on crusade 
  • Know about the role of the Knights Hospitaller in Jerusalem
  • Be able to consider the significance of the Crusades 

For higher education groups, we can offer a more bespoke tour and object handling based upon research conducted as part of the Bearers of the Cross project. To discuss your needs further, please contact 

How to book

The Museum is free to visit however, workshops are charged at £2.50 per child plus VAT. 

If your school is based within Islington, workshops can be arranged free of charge through 11 by 11. The Museum’s participation in this scheme is supported by a grant from The Goldsmiths’ Company Charity.

For Greater London schools for whom the cost of a workshop may be prohibitive (e.g. schools with a high number of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium), please contact us as it may be possible to waive the charge

Please note that booking is essential even for self-guided visits.

Workshops last 1.5 hours and can be arranged Tuesday – Friday. For more information or to book, please contact us