Étaples Weekly Reports

Étaples Weekly Reports – 13th October, 1915

Museum of the Order of St John

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The report of the week dating 13th October 1915 says that it has been quiet at the Hospital recently. A ward that had been saved for use, should there be an influx of patients, has been converted into a social room for convalescent patients. The room is to be used by those patients that can walk and care for themselves, as a place to dine and spend their days. It seems that this is a great success and the room contains entertainment such as books, games, and even a piano.

A visit from Sir Herbert and Lady Perrott also takes place during the week. Sir Herbert Perrott is Secretary-General of the Order of St John, as well as Chief Secretary of the Ambulance Department and a Knight of Justice. He plays a hugely important role within The Order of St John and his wife, Lady Ethel Lucy Perrott, is also a significant member of the Order. She is Lady Superintendent-in-Chief of Nursing Corps and Divisions and is therefore responsible for the training and management of nurses of all St John Ambulance Brigade’s nurses in the divisions around England. She was also key in co-ordinating nurses home and abroad during the First World War and is made a Dame Grand Cross of the Order of St John for her service in 1928. Records of both Sir Herbert and Lady Perrott can be found in the 1915/16 Roll of Members, held by The Museum of the Order of St John. The report notes that they were able to see a convoy of the sick and wounded that had arrived the previous evening, during their stay at the Hospital in Étaples.

Finally, Chief Commissioner Clark again notes that the health of the staff and personnel is good and writes of a sister named Mrs Stewart, who is requesting to be ‘relieved from her engagement on the score that the work is too much’. It is decided that her request will be granted, but that she should remain at the Hospital until relieved.


Page One

St. John Ambulance Brigade Hospital,

Army Post Office S. 11,

British Expeditionary Force,



The Director,

The Ambulance Department,

The Order of St. John of Jerusalem

In England.

My Lord,

The rush is over and we have had a quiet week.

We have opened the room for Convalescent patients, which I

was holding up for a ward in case we required it, for its original

purpose and all those patients able to walk and look after them-

selves dine there and can remain there for the rest of the day.

They are provided with games, books, papers and a piano and the

room is very popular with them.

Sir Herbert and Lady Perrott are paying us a visit and were

able to see the taking in of a convoy of sick and wounded which

arrived last night.

Mrs. Stewart one of our trained Hospital Sisters has asked

to be relieved from her engagement on the score that the work is

too much. After consultation with the Matron I have decided that

it is advisable that this should be granted. The Matron has written

to Miss Swift and I have written to Mr. Edwards on the subject of

procuring a substitute. Mrs. Stewart will remain here until relieved.

The account of the hospital expenditure for the month of

September is made out and being forwarded to Mt. Edwards for the incorp-

oration in the General Account.

The health of the Staff and Personnel is good and the work of

the hospital is progressing satisfactorily,

I have the honour to be,

Your lordships obedient servant,

James Clark