Étaples Weekly Reports

Étaples Weekly Reports – 2nd February, 1916

Museum of the Order of St John

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In this report, the Director of the hospital opens with the good news that an inspection of the hospital was met with great satisfaction. An inquiry into a recent outbreak of intestinal illness concluded it was probably related to the climate of the area. The Director planned to pass on the results of a stock take of Order property in the hospital shortly, and expressed concern at the regularity of mechanical failures in the cars used by staff, although thankfully no one had yet been seriously injured as a result. The chief chauffeur, Sergeant Wetherall, was greatly appreciated for his mechanical expertise in fixing the cars whenever possible. Otherwise, work continued on in the hospital, with proceedings occasionally slower by difficult surgical procedures. The Director closed by noting that the cost the hospital was paying for Coke had risen and would affect the budgetary estimates he had originally provided.

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Army Post office. S. 11,

British Expeditionary Force,



My Lord,

                I have the honour to inform you that the Hospital was

inspected officially by the D.G.A.M.S. Sir Arthur Sloggett, K.C.B.

He expressed himself in every way satisfied with what he saw.

                A careful enquiry into a small outbreak of Intestinal

trouble has established the fact that it is not due either to the

food or the cooking, the exact cause is difficult to determine

but is probably climatic. Other hospitals have suffered in a

similar way. It has now subsided.

                I have had stock taken of the property in the hospital

belonging to the Order which will shortly be tabulated.

                We are at present reduced to the small Ford Van for all

purposes of transport as an axle of the Sunbeam Car broke about

ten days ago while on a run to Boulogne. We have sent home for a

new part and have taken the opportunity to thoroughly overhaul the

car and place it in as safe a running condition as possible.

It is the third axle that has broken in one or other of our cars

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since we came and we must consider ourselves exceedingly lucky

that no serious accident has occurred. The chief Chauffeur here,

Sergeant Wetherall, is a most competent man and has made many

repairs such as broken springs, blown out exhausts and other

defects which ordinarily would require a long time in dock and

considerable expense.

                The work of the hospital is continuing satisfactorily

and has been rather heavier with some bad surgical cases during

the past week.

                With regard to expenditure I may note that Coke for

which until the end of last year we were paying 21/8 a ton we have

now to pay 44/6 with a probably rise on that. This may very

seriously affect my original estimates if it is to be extended

generally to all articles of consumption.

I have the honour to be,

Your Lordships

Obedient servant,

James Clark

The Director,

The Ambulance Department,

St. John’s Gate,


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