Étaples Weekly Reports

Étaples Weekly Reports – 1st November, 1916

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In this report, Sergeant Trimble describes the visit of His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught, along with several other notable men, all of whom approved of the Hospital’s work. There were a number of other visitors, and several members of staff went or returned from leave. The recipient of these reports was soon to visit the Hospital and Sergeant Trimble wished to discuss several points with him regarding staff and the operation of the facility. He reports that 1,417 patients passed through the Hospital during October 1916.



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Army Post Office. S. 11,

British Expeditionary Force,



My Lord,


Herewith my usual weekly statement.


I think I had better in the first instance tell

you that H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught accompanied by Col.

Streatfield, Colonel Bethell, Lt.Colonel Stanton together

with Brigadier General Graham Thomson and the Head Quarter

staff of Etaples visited the Hospital on Sunday the 29th.

October.  There is only one point of regret and that is

the short time at the disposal of H.R.H. however I was able

to show him several Departments of the Hospital and some of

our wards. I took him into “B” ward which bears his own name.

I think he was undoubtedly pleased and gratified with all

that he saw and he told me that he would report to the Order

that he visited the Hospital.  H.R.H. and the Officers accom-

panying him stayed for tea which was served in the Officers



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The following convoys were admitted :-

Stretcher.         Walking

Oct.      26th.     No.22. A.T.     60.                   39.

“          28th.     “    24. “           60.                   35.

“          30th.     “    24. “           24.                   —

Making a total admitted of 218.  During the same period we

have evacuated 247. and there have been 8. Deaths.


Mrs. Corner and Miss Peter came on the 25th.

and stayed with the Matron until Sunday the 19th.  I think

they enjoyed their visit and seemed very interested in the

Hospital.  As I told you in a hurried P.S. to one of my

letters, Lady Constance Milnes Gaskell along with Mrs. Gardner

from Canada came to the Hospital on Thursday the 26th. ult.

It was a very great pleasure to me to let them see the whole

institution, and in all probability you will have heard dir-

ect from Lady Gaskell with respect to her visit.


On the 25th. ult. Sister Weston went on leave

and Captain Butterworth also went on the same for 14 days

leave. He had not been very well for some time. Major Houston

returned from leave on this date.


On Tuesday the 31st. ult. V.A.D. Nurse Pole Carey

went home on leave. Sister Gervine and V.A.D. Nurse Reny

Taylour were taken into the sick Sisters Home at Le Touquet.

I am greatly afraid that the last named lady will have to be


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invalided to England as this is the second break down she

has had since she came to us a short time ago.


I shall be writing to you in a day or two

making some suggestions with respect to the present staff

of the Hospital.  I feel that everything should be done

to retain our present M.Os and after being out here for

fifteen months one cannot help noticing that at time there

are little indications of restlessness which I think it is

quite possible to alay.  However you will have my suggestions

and you will no dount deal with them as you think best.


I shall be very glad to see you out here for

I feel there are several points we can discuss with interest

and benefit to the Hospital and your advice will be very

useful to me.  Perhaps you would be able to tell me approx-

imately when I shall heve the honour and pleasure of seeing



I think I may divulge to you that 1417 cases

have passed through the Hospital during the month of October.


The Hospital, so far as I can see is in a par-

ticularly satisfactory condition.


I have the honour to be,

Your Lordships

Obedient servant,

Charles J. Trimble

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