Étaples Weekly Reports

Étaples Weekly Reports – 25th October, 1916

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In this long report, Sergeant Trimble details the arrival and departure of several members of Hospital staff. It had been decided that the vacant position of Assistant Surgeon did not need filling, as the Hospital was expected to have a quiet winter. Sergeant Trimble expressed great praise for departing colleague Captain Crymble, and was glad to hear the twelve V.A.D.s he had nominated would receive the title of Honorary Serving Sister for their work at the Hospital. In his closing comments, he mentions that the King of the Belgians was unable to visit after being delayed, but the Archbishop of Perth did tour the Hospital.


Page 1

Army Post Office. S. 11,

British Expeditionary Force,




My Lord,


The following statement covers the work of the

Hospital from the 18th. to the 24th inst.


The convoys received were as under :-

Friday the 20th.  26.          A.T.                        60.          Stretcher             –              Walking.

Sunday “ 22nd.    25.          “                              74.          “                              12.          “

Monday “ 23rd.  21.          “                              75.          “                              –              “

Tuesday “ 24th.  29.          “(Officers)           7.            “                              1.            “

“              “  “          36.          “                              87.          “                              2.            “

making a total admitted of 318.


We discharged during the 209. of which

number 2. were Officers, and there were 5. deaths.


On Wednesday the 18th, V.A.D. Nurses Cary and

Todd returned from leave accompanied by Sister Gould who

had been on sick leave.  On the 19th. Sister Kane went

into the Villa Tino suffering from Rheumatism.  On the

21st. Sisters Ely, Fox and Minikin returned from leave and


Page 2


V.A.D. Nurses Walton and Tate went on leave.  On the

22nd. Sisters Slevin, Bemrose and Murray went on leave,

and Sister Ivers went on leave on the expiration of her

contract.  On the 24th. V.A.D. Nurse Kathleen Harding

reported from England and was taken on the strength of

the Hospital from that date. Sister Peter returned from

Villa Tino and V.A.D. Nurse Stanier returned from leave.

Sister Rose who had been sent to the Sick Sisters Home

at Hardelot returned on the 21st. inst.  She had had a

septic condition of her thumb: it had been very trouble-

some and did not improve very much and Major Hope advised

that she be sent home.  She left the Hospital today the

25th. inst. and it has been suggested to me by the Matron

that seeing that her illness was contracted during her

service in the Hospital she should be paid her salary if

necessary for a month at full rates, and should she be

unable to continue her work half her salary until she had

recovered.  I approve of the Matron’s suggestions, will

you give the matter your consideration please, and if you

approve Sister Rose can be communicated with and informed

of your decision.  Sister Carstairs will now stay on and

take the place of Sister Rose and thus fill the vacancy


Page 3


caused by the latters withdrawal.


Thank you for your letter respecting Dr. Mann

of Dungannon. Major Hope had a letter from him yesterday

declining the position of Assistant Surgeon to this Hos

-pital.  I have had a consultation with Major Hope and

we have arrived at the conclusion that it will not be

necessary to fill up the vacancy that was offered to Dr.

Mann.  Seeing that in all probability the Hospital will

be fairly quiet during the winter months both Major Hope

and I are of opinion that the existing surgical staff will

be quite capable of doing all the work demanded of the

Hospital.  This will for a few months save the salary of

an Assistant Surgeon.  Should the demand made on the Hos-

pital at any time necessitate the filling of this position

I will at once communicate with you and submit a name for

your sanction and approval.


Captain Crymble leaves us on the 29th. inst.

and it is with the greatest possible regret that I part

with him, he is a brilliantly clever man and has done much

in the interest of the Hospital. His capabilities are

quite recognised by our Consulting Surgeon and our Con-

sulting Physician in this area.  It is well nigh impossible

to get men of Captain Crymble;s professional standing and


Page 4


capability to fill positions such as he held in this

Hospital.  I wonder if you think it necessary or

wise to write him a letter and thank him for his services.

I feel positive he would prize very highly such a recog-

nition. Whether this would form a precedent or not I do

not know but I leave the matter to you..


I am very gratified to know the Order has

conferred the grade of Honorary Serving Sister on the

twelve V.A.D’s whose names I submitted some time ago.

I think all concerned will take it as a very great compli-

ment if you could come out and present the decoration to

the girls concerned, you would also then have an opportun-

ity of seeing the Hospital and forming your own opinion

concerning it.   We would all give you a very hearty wel-



On Tuesday the 24th. inst I received an intim-

ation that that the King of the Belgians would visit the Hos-

pital.  He was however detained a very long time when

visiting one of the Training Camps here so that the proposed

visit was not paid.


The Archbishop of Perth, Western Australia,

visited the Hospital on Monday the 23rd. inst.


Page 5


So far as I know the work of the Hospital

is progressing quite satisfactorily.


I have the honour to be,

Your Lordships

Obedient Servant,




The Director of Ambulance,

St John’s Gate,

Clerkenwell.  E.C.

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