Étaples Weekly Reports

Étaples Weekly Reports – 28th December, 1915

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For the end of the year, Director Clark gives a very detailed report on the state of the St John Ambulance Hospital at Etaples. He reports that, in his absence, the Major Trimble had run the hospital very well in addition to his own work. The patients were in good condition and had enjoyed their Christmas, as amusements had been arranged. The contracts of a number of sisters and surgeons were due to expire, and replacements were being arranged, with the reassurance that those leaving would be greatly missed. The vacancy left by Captain Goyder previously was not intended to be filled, and while many wanted to shorten their contracts in case they were needed at home, the dentist Dr Coe and quartermaster Dr Hine wished to renew theirs, which was granted at the same pay grade. Captain Gordon continued to work for the hospital for free for the time being. Director Clark closed his report with festive well-wishes.


Page 1

Army Post Office S. 11,

British Expeditionary Force,




My Lord,

I have the honour to report that having returned from

leave I again took up my duties with the Hospital from the 24th

inst. I found everything in an entirely satisfactory condition

Major Trimble having most efficiently discharged my duties during

my absence as well as his own.

On Xmas day I visited each ward during the patients dinner hour and

found all as happy and contented as their condition would allow

and one and all expressed their gratitude to the Order for what

had been done for them.

I enclose a report from the Secretary of the arrange-

ments that were made for the comfort and amusement of the patients.

The contracts entered into between the Order on the one

part and the trained Sisters and the Medical and the Surgical staff

on the other respectively will expire on the 14th January 1916.

The following Sisters will terminate their connection with the

hospital :-


Page 2

Sister Willis, Mabel Ida.

Sister Willis, Ivy.

Sister Lloyd, Ellen.

Sister MacMurtrie, Bessie.

Sister Whiteside, Elizabeth Jane.

Sister Wilson, Lucy.


Suitable Sisters have been found to take their places.

The vacancies that will occur amongst the Medical and

Surgical staff are confined to the Surgical side, five Surgeons

out of eleven proposing to make a change. They are as follows :-


Captain & Surgeon Goyder, F.W.

Lieut. & Asst. Surgeon. Mason, W.R.

Lieut. & Asst. Surgeon. Crawford, H.de L.

Lieut. & Asst. Surgeon. Beckett, J.

Lieut. & Asst. Surgeon. McAllister, A.C.


It is proposed to replace them by four Assistant Surgeons who

will join under a similar agreement to that originally entered

into with Assistant Surgeons in the first instance, namely :-

As Temporary Lieutenants in the R.A.M.C. on 25/- a day pay.

Their names and qualifications are as follows :-


Assistant Surgeon. C.E.S. Jackson. F.R.C.S. England.

Assistant Surgeon. Jackson.

Assistant Surgeon. Sydney Alexr. Henry. M.A., M.D., D.P.H. Camb.

Assistant Surgeon. William Wilson. M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.

Queens Univ. Ireland


These gentlemen are all known personally either to the Chief

Surgeon or to some other member of the staff who recommend them

for appointment. I have not yet received the second Mr. Jackson’s



Page 3

It will be noticed that Captain Goyder’s vacancy is not

filled. It is not proposed to appoint anyone in his place, the

Chief Surgeon and I are of the opinion that there is no necessity

for more than ten Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons on the Surgical

side, and that the strength of the full Surgeons, Captains, that will

remain will be sufficient.

Some members of the staff remaining have expressed a wish

to be allowed to contract for a further three months instead of

six as they are not at present able to say whether their home

engagements may not require their return before the full six

months expire. This appears a reasonable request as the future

of their work and livelihood may depend on it.

I should like the Order to know that the members who are

leaving will be much missed by all of us, they have proved them-

selves efficient and reliable members of the staff and pleasant

companions. Lieutenant Mason is leaving as his work in Canada

necessitates his return, the remainder I think are anxious to

enlarge their experience of the medical side of the war.

The Dentist Mr. Coe and the Quartermaster Mr. Hine are

desirous of renewing their contracts with the hospital for a

further period of six months. I would recommend that their con-

tracts be renewed and that they be granted the same extra emolu-

ments of £30 (Thirty pounds) on renewing their contracts and a


Page 4

further £30 (Thirty pounds) on completion of it as the Order

has very generously granted to the Assistant Surgeons and Assist-

ant Physicians. Mr. Coe receives the same salary as they do

but Mr. Hine the Quartermaster receives 9/- a day as against 25/-

but his messing, travelling, and out of pocket expenses are paid

by the Order.

Captian Gordon is not under contract with the Order as

he gives his services to the Hospital and the Order gratis, receiv-

ing only his board and lodging free and his out of pocket expenses.

He I am pleased to say proposes to stay on for the present.

The members of the Hospital and I respectfully offer our

best wishes to you my Lord and to the members of the Order for

your happiness and welfare in the coming year.


I have the honour to be,

Your Lordships

Obedient servant,

James Clark.


The Director,

The Ambulance Department,

The Order of St. John of Jerusalem

in England.

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